Aeroflot Flight 528

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Aeroflot Flight 528
Accident summary
Date June 19, 1987
Summary Runway overrun on landing, followed by attempted and then aborted go-around
Site Berdyansk, Ukraine
Passengers 24
Crew 5
Fatalities 8
Survivors 21
Aircraft type Yakovlev Yak-40
Operator Aeroflot
Registration CCCP-87826
Flight origin Odessa, Ukraine
Destination Berdyansk, Ukraine

Aeroflot Flight 528 crashed while attempting to land at its destination airport in difficult weather conditions. The plane landed about 5,000 ft down the 8,000+ ft runway while being too fast on the touchdown, and then hydroplaned. The pilot, not being quite sure about the plane's whereabouts on the runway, had then attempted to take off again (while having less than 1,000 ft of runway remaining), rolled off the departure end of the runway, and aborted the take-off attempt. The plane hit some obstacles, broke apart, and caught fire. 5 passengers died at the scene, with 1 more passenger and 2 flight attendants dying later from their injuries.

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Coordinates: 46°48′52″N 36°47′15″E / 46.8144°N 36.7875°E / 46.8144; 36.7875