Alpari Group

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Alpari Group
Industry Financial services
Founded December 1998 (1998-Dec)
Founder Andrey Dashin (Chairman)
Vladimir Verbitskiy (CEO)[1]
Headquarters Port Louis, Mauritius
Services Financial Brokerage

Alpari Group is a binary options, foreign exchange, precious metals, and CFD broker that has a record of insolvency and regulatory difficulties. The company's UK entity entered insolvency on January 19, 2015, following heavy losses trading the Swiss franc against the euro.[2] In April 2015, the company's US NFA membership was revoked, preventing them from offering their services in the United States.[3]

The company is licensed to trade in

The company's charter is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Alpari Research & Analysis Limited, which gives a London address, provides only research and analysis and is not licensed to trade.[8]

Andrey Valerievich Dashin claims ownership of both Alpari and another foreign exchange broker FXTM also known as ForexTime.[9]


The company was established in Kazan, Russia, in 1998 by Daniel Skowronski, who became the first CEO, and Andrey Vedikhin, Andrey Dashin and Gleb Petrov.[citation needed]

United Kingdom[edit]

Alpari (UK) was founded in 2004. It was regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in September 2006. The company opened and closed several branches in other countries. Cyprus office opened in 2010 and the CySEC license was acquired that year and renounced in December 2012. That office closed in February 2013.[10][11] Alpari (UK) entered Indian market in 2008 and left India in March 2014.[12] For UK residents, the company also offered financial spread betting on Forex and indices.[2]

On January 16, 2015, Alpari has entered insolvency following heavy losses the previous day when the Swiss National Bank removed the franc's ceiling against the euro.[13][14] On January 19, Alpari (UK) Ltd. applied for formal insolvency and the English High Court appointed a special administrators from KPMG under Special Administration Regime.[15]


Alpari-Broker Ltd. (Russian: ООО «Альпари-Брокер») was established as legal entity in September 2008 in Kazan, Russia. It is licensed as a professional participant of the equity markets for providing brokerage, dealership and money managing services by the Central Bank of Russia[16][need quotation to verify]

Additionally, it is an associated member of NAFD (National Association of Forex Dealers), a self-regulatory organization created by Forex brokers.[17] Sergey Vyazmin, the director of international development at Alpari, is also on the board of directors of this SRO.[18] Since March 2017, Alpari is a member of AFD (Association of Forex Dealers) — the only SRO accredited by the Russian central bank.[19]

According to the Finmarket information agency, in 2014, Alpari became a top Russian Forex dealer, based on the number of clients and average monthly turnover. The company has 120,000 active clients or a 28.35% market share. The second-largest company is Forex Club, with its 7,183 clients and a 16.97% market share.[20]

United States[edit]

Alpari US LLC was established in 2006.[21] It had its NFA membership approved in November 2007 and removed in April 2015.[3]


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