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Location of Alppila within Helsinki
Alppila water tower in the Linnanmäki Fun Fair, Helsinki, 1938.

Alppila (Swedish: Alphyddan) is a quarter of Helsinki, Finland. It is located north of the city centre, between the districts of Kallio and Pasila, and together with Harju it forms the district of Alppiharju. Alppila has a population of 4244 (as of 2005) and an area of 0.60 km². The Linnanmäki amusement park and the Kulttuuritalo (House of Culture) are located in Alppila.

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Coordinates: 60°11′30″N 024°56′34″E / 60.19167°N 24.94278°E / 60.19167; 24.94278