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Helsinki Subdivision
Position of Herttoniemi within Helsinki
Position of Herttoniemi within Helsinki
Country  Finland
Region Uusimaa
Sub-region Greater Helsinki
Municipality Helsinki
Subdivision number 43
District Southeastern
Subdivision regions Länsi-Herttoniemi, Roihuvuori, Herttoniemenranta, Herttoniemen teollisuusalue
Area 6.06 km2 (2.34 sq mi)
Population (2004) 27,347
 • Density 4,455/km2 (11,540/sq mi)
Postal codes 00800, 00810, 00811, 00820
Neighbouring subdivisions Itäkeskus

Herttoniemi (Swedish: Hertonäs) is a neighbourhood and a suburb of Helsinki, the Finnish capital. It is located about 7 km east of the city centre and can be easily reached by metro in 10 minutes. It has an older northern suburb and a newer coastal suburb with ferry connections to the city centre. There once was a large harbour in Herttoniemi, but in the 1990s, this industrial harbour area was demolished and converted to a tightly populated residential area and marina.

Eränkävijäntori, a square in western Herttoniemi

There are four districts in Herttoniemi:

Herttoniemi church in western Herttoniemi
Herttoniemi manor built 1815

Famous people[edit]

Swedish military architect Augustin Ehrensvärd whose life's work was building the fortress of Sveaborg owned Herttoniemi manor in the area.

Another famous owner of Herttoniemi manor was admiral Carl Olof Cronstedt, who had the existing building built and lived in the manor the last years of his life. A street in Herttoniemenranta called Amiraali Cronstedtin ranta is named after him.

One of the most famous Finnish writers Frans Eemil Sillanpää who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1939 lived in Herttoniemi.

Roihuvuori water tower is a landmark of the area

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Coordinates: 60°12′N 25°03′E / 60.200°N 25.050°E / 60.200; 25.050