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Ankama Games
Industry Video game design (Ankama Games), Interactive communication (Ankama Web), Comic book publishing (Ankama Publishing) and Animation (Ankama Animation)
Founded May 15, 2001; 14 years ago (2001-05-15)
Headquarters 75 boulevard d'Armentières, 59100 Roubaix Cedex 1 - France
Key people
Camille Chafer (lead programmer, co-founder), Anthony Roux (art director, co-founder), Emmanuel Darras (sales manager, co-founder)
Number of employees
500 (2012)

Ankama Games is a French company with its head office in Roubaix, France,[1] focused on the design of Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (Dofus, Dofus Arena and Wakfu). The company was founded by Anthony Roux, Camille Chafer, and Emmanuel "Manu" Darras. Ankama Games is a subsidiary of Ankama Group. The company name comes from their own names : ANthony, KAmille, MAnu.


  • 2001, foundation of Ankama, web agency.
  • 2003, Ankama Games, subsidiary of the company, began developing their first game, Dofus. Dofus was fully developed in Flash and a beta version was released in October 2003.
  • 2004, after nearly a year of beta testing, the game was distributed via Internet and updates were regularly added.
  • 2005, Dofus was officially released in September. Ankama Editions was created to develop comic book publishing. Ankama began development on Dofus Arena, the second game by the studio.
  • 2006, Wakfu began development.
  • 2007, Dofus-Arena version 2 was released, the alpha version of Wakfu was presented for the Japan Expo, and Ankama Animation was created, dedicated to the Wakfu animated series.
  • 2011, Wakfu was launched into open beta after more than 4 years of development. The full release was announced to be February 2012.
  • 2014, Wakfu had moved to a free to play model in various areas around the globe. They now opened beta again.

Video games[edit]

Ankama Games create, produce and distribute their own video games:

  • Dofus, the first game of the studio, is an MMORPG developed entirely in Flash. The game encourages players to move in a world with lots of quests and scenery with a tactical combat system. The game uses a unique, turn based tactical combat system, which sets Dofus apart from many other MMO's. The game is free to play, but more features are available when the player purchases a subscription to the game.
  • Dofus Arena, whose public beta-testing began in early 2006, is the PvP (Player versus player) version of Dofus. The goal is to set up a team by a coach with a budget and then to defeat your opponent. Dofus Arena take the same combat system from Dofus and puts you into an arena setting where you climb a tournament ladder by defeating your opponents.
  • Wakfu, an MMORPG developed in 2011, allows players to build a society without any NPC interference. The game takes place in the same world as Dofus, but is set 1000 years later.

Comic Book Publishing[edit]

Ankama Editions has released a comic called Mutafukaz, which is very successful in France and can also be obtained while buying subscriptions to the Dofus game.

  • Artbooks Dofus
  • Dofus manga
  • Original SoundTrack Dofus
  • Mutafukaz comic book (bd)
  • Pandala comic book (bd)
  • Dofus arena manga
  • Maliki, comic book (bd)
  • Dofus monster manga
  • kuma-kuma manga
  • Chaosland comic book (bd)
  • Artbook Café Salé
  • Dofus mag
  • Debaser manga
  • Freaks Squeele comic book (bd)
  • Kanvict comic book (bd)


Ankama Web is an interactive communication agency specialized in the new media, the creation of Internet sites and the strategies of buzz marketing. Ankama Web thus develops sites and applications Internet for professionals. Created in 2001, the agency is historically the first pole of activity of Ankama group.


Created on June 15, 2007, Ankama Presses continues the will of the group of to register in a true cultural diversity by proposing with the general public the publication magazines. Dofus Mag is the first leading product by Ankama Presses. It corresponds to what the Japanese name a mook. This term indicates a hybrid leading product, mixture between magazine and book. Distributed in kiosk, it is intended to be read and preserved as a book.


In 2008, Wakfu: The Animated Series (based on the video game, Wakfu) began airing, and the second season aired in 2010, each consisting of 26 20-minute episodes. The story follows Yugo and his companions as he searches for his biological family. The series was animated in Adobe Flash.

In 2013, Dofus: The Treasures of Kerubim aired, based upon the Dofus game. The series is set 200 years before the beginning of the MMORPG and follows the character of Kerubim throughout various points in his life. The premise has Kerubim narrating several of his adventures to his adopted son Joris and their housekeeper Simone. Dofus consists of 52 10-minute episodes. A movie adaptation of the TV series is slated to release in late 2015.


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