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Blue Blink
Blink and Kakeru
(Aoi Burinku)
Genre Fantasy Adventure
Anime television series
Directed by Osamu Tezuka
Written by Osamu Tezuka
Takashi Yamada
Music by Hiroaki Serizawa
Studio Tezuka Productions
Original network NHK General TV
Original run 7 April 198916 March 1990
Episodes 39
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Blue Blink (青いブリンク Aoi Burinku?) is a fantasy adventure anime series created by Osamu Tezuka. The anime is based from classic film Konjok-gorbunok by Ivan Ivanov-Vano.[1] The film in turn is based from Pyotr Pavlovich Yershov's The Little Humpbacked Horse.

This was Tezuka's last anime series.[2] Osamu Tezuka died while this series was in production. The studio completed the production according to his plans.[1] The show was streamed at Anime Sols, but was removed, because it did not meet its goal of crowd-funding for DVD. It is currently only available for legal streaming at[3]


The story opens with the meeting between our hero, Kakeru, and a mystical pony named Blink. Kakeru saves Blink from a thunder shower and in gratitude, Blink tells him that if he is ever in trouble, all Kakeru needs to do is call out his name three times and he will appear. At the end of the summer when Kakeru returns home, his father, a writer of children's stories, is kidnapped. Kakeru, weeping, calls out Blink's name and, as promised, Blink immediately appears, and the two set out on the trail of Kakeru's father.

Episode list[edit]

Episode Title
1 Departing for Far, Far Away
2 The Secret of Grey Ranch
3 A Prisoner at Rose House
4 The Crooked Ivory Castle
5 The Monster Dogitra of Yellow Fort
6 The Mysterious Fruit of Blue Town
7 Crash! The Moss-Green Road Race!
8 The Island of Temptation — Cobalt
9 The Fighting Country — Red Baal
10 The Mysterious Forest — Sepia
11 Terrace — The Town of Primary Colours
12 The Heart-Thief of Purple Town
13 The Armored Gun-Train of Brown Town
14 Children's Town, Rainbow Town
15 The Light Ark of Gold Valley
16 The Town of Fortune-Telling: Mint Green
17 Milky White: The Secret of the Temple in the Air
18 Will It Bloom?: The Flower of Dark in Emerald Forest
19 To The Dark River! The Mysterious Ultra-Marine Plain!!
20 Animal Paradise: Harpy Green
21 Yellow Oaker: The Town With No Greenery or Flowers
22 The Plane of Love! Fly in the Persian Blue!!
23 The Legend of Davies Gray! Blink Turns into a Fossil!!
24 Submarine City: The Mermaid Princess of Palm
25 Blink Disappears in Opera Town
26 Revive! The Fluorescent Butterflies of Scarlet River
27 Mystery! The Castle of Adventures, Indigo
28 Love Again! Fierce Fight in the Wine Red Sea
29 Enemy or Friend? The Detective of Orange Stone
30 Find the Key of Truth! The Remains of Dark Purple Lake
31 Gold Amber Valley
32 The Upside Down City, Sky Blue
33 Meeting Again! Mother and Child in the Dark Jail
34 Lonely Kakeru! The Nightmare of the Dark Sea!!
35 The Strongest Soldier: Black Samurai
36 To the Dark Castle! Face Up with Courage
37 Prince Horo: The Bronze Trap
38 Gross Castle in Light and Darkness
39 Goodbye to the Endless Journey and Blink

Original Cast[edit]


Title English Title Performer Description
Hitomi no Naka no Mirai The Future in Your Eyes[4] Yoko Minamino Opening Song
Makenaide, Yuuki Don't give in, have courage[4] Shinobu Nakayama Ending Song

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