The Three-Eyed One

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Mitsume ga tōru
Mitsume ga tooru kodansya.jpg
Cover art from the third volume of the manga The Three-Eyed One
Genre Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Sci-fi
Written by Osamu Tezuka
Published by Kodansha
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine
Original run 7 July 197419 March 1978
Volumes 13
Anime television film
悪魔島のプリンス (Akumatō no Purinsu, Prince of the Devil Island)
Studio Toei Animation
Released 1985-8-25
Anime television series
Directed by Hidehito Ueda
Studio Tezuka Production Company Ltd.
Network TV Tokyo
Original run 18 October 199026 September 1991
Episodes 48
Developer Natsume
Publisher Natsume
Platform NES
Released 1992

The Three-Eyed One (三つ目がとおる Mitsume ga Tōru?) is a science fiction romance manga by Osamu Tezuka. It was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine from 7 July 1974 through 19 March 1978 and was later published into thirteen tankōbon by Kodansha. This story is about Hosuke Sharaku ("the Evil Prince" 悪魔のプリンス), the heir to the long lost super civilization of the "Three Eyed Ones", and his best friend, Chiyoko Wato, with whom he solves various problems, often of his own doing.

In 1977, The Three-Eyed One tied with another Tezuka manga, Black Jack, for the Kodansha Manga Award. The manga has since spawned a TV special by Shueisha and later an anime whose 48 episodes ran from 18 October 1990 through 26 September 1991. The main character appears in three video games: Mittsume ga Tooru by Natsume on the MSX in 1989, Mittsume ga Tooru/The Three-Eyed One by Tomy on the NES in 1992, Astro Boy: Omega Factor by Sega on the Game Boy Advance (as Astro Boy's arch-enemy) and Astro Boy by Sega on the PlayStation 2 (as an ally to Astro Boy in a sidequest).


To learn about his roots, Sharaku must investigate the mysterious ruins that a long lost civilization called the Three-Eyed Ones bequeathed to him. In his worldwide search, which takes both he and Chiyoko Wato to locations like Arizona, Easter Island, and Mexico, Sharaku deciphers ancient scriptures and uses gadgets he invents to help solve (or start) problems and mysteries.

Sharaku is frequently bullied for his childishness, and as such the story is also about how he fights back when the x-shaped bandage that covers his third eye is removed. Behind the bandage is hidden Sharaku's malicious third eye, and the boy's hidden evil genius emerges when it can see. Sharaku's rivalries with teachers or students are occasionally developed into major plot points.

Some of the story's appeal is that Osamu Tezuka, the story's author, has Sharaku investigate actual historic ruins that are shrouded in mystery and offer his own unique ideas.


  1. The Three-Eyed One Is Here! I’m Sharaku.
  2. Ramen War! An Angry Blow.
  3. The Cute Little Babies Are Invaders.
  4. Looking for the Missing UFO.
  5. Pursue the High-Tech Speeding Car.
  6. Are the Pretty Girls a Snake’s Agents?
  7. Sharaku is Possessed.
  8. A Three-Eyed Dog is Born.
  9. The Secret of the Three-Rock Mountain.
  10. No Kidding!? Sharaku is a Devil?
  11. Protect My Treasure!
  12. Protect the Underground Capital!
  13. Protect the Third Eye!
  14. Space Power Explodes!
  15. Psychic Power vs. Super Magic.
  16. The Legendary Monster is Discovered!
  17. School Entrance Examinations and Peace!?
  18. The Mysterious Bird Called a Moa!!
  19. The Ancient Devil Awakened.
  20. Open Your Mind, Ancient Devil.
  21. 3, 2, 1, Bang.
  22. Challenge of Ozuma, the Mysterious Thief.
  23. The Messenger from Ancient Times. (Mystery of the Three-Eyed Family, part 1)
  24. Secret Under the Bottom of the Lake. (Mystery of the Three-Eyed Family, part 2)
  25. The Search for the Treasure. (Mystery of the Three-Eyed Family, part 3)
  26. The Secret Mission. (Mystery of the Three-Eyed Family, part 4)
  27. Sharaku in Wonderland.
  28. The Villain Bumpuku Appears.
  29. Another Sharaku. (Ancient Prince Godai, part 1)
  30. Search for the Ultimate Weapon! (Ancient Prince Godai, part 2)
  31. Activate Gomora! (Ancient Prince Godai, part 3)
  32. The Earth Hijacking Plan. (Ancient Prince Godai, part 4)
  33. Get Back the Soul! (Ancient Prince Godai, part 5)
  34. Bumpuku Reappears.
  35. The Seven Pillars Appear! (Wearied Plant Bolbocc, part 1)
  36. Moegi, the Mysterious Girl. (Wearied Plant Bolbocc, part 2)
  37. The Shadow Lurking Underground. (Wearied Plant Bolbocc, part 3)
  38. The Land Starts to Move. (Wearied Plant Bolbocc. Part 4)
  39. Showdown: Sharaku vs. Bolbocc! (Wearied Plant Bolbocc, part 5)
  40. The Monkey Speaks! (The Easter Island Voyage, part 1)
  41. Landing on Devil Island. (The Easter Island Voyage, part 2)
  42. The Marriage of Pogo and Sharaku? (The Easter Island Voyage. part 3)
  43. Goodbye, Pogo. (The Easter Island Voyage, part 4)
  44. Going After the Moa.
  45. The Big Battle Over the Mexican Sky.
  46. The Plan to Assassinate the Moa.
  47. Super Bolbocc is Revived!
  48. Farewell, Sharaku Hosuke – a Pledge for Tomorrow.

Main Characters[edit]

  • Hosuke Sharaku:Voice -Ikura Kazue. The last survivor of the three-eyed tribe have a third eye on his forehead which gives him astronomical intellect and psychic powers. In addition, "Abutoru-Damuraru-Omunisu-Nomunisu Beru Esu Horimaku" is a phrase in three-eyed script to control the weapon Red Condor.His name sounds simply like the Japanese pronunciation of Sherlock Holmes. If his third eye is covered, he becomes a very likeable, nice, clueless little kid.
  • Wato Chiyoko(和登 千代子) Kazu Noboru, Voice-Naoko Matsui: She is a classmate of Sharaku who plays as his best friend, mother figure, and love interest. She is a self-confident, tomboyish and somewhat violent high school girl. She frequently refers to herself with the Japanese male pronoun 'boku'. Her name is a reference to the assistant of Sherlock Holmes, Watson. She often plays a huge role in thwarting Sharaku's plans for world conquest.
  • Dog di (Dr. Kenmochi):Voice - Kazuhiko Kishino, Shunsuke Shimais the adoptive father of Sharaku. From the mother of Sharaku,she been brought up custody of the baby Sharaku.
  • Police inspector Unmei "Heppoko Inspector":Voice -Kazuo KumakuraA Star System character based on Ludwig van Beethoven, Unmei is a frequent guest in both manga and anime versions of Mitsume ga Tooru. He is a police chief, and is one of the characters who has seen Sharaku as the Three-Eyed One in action. Not much is known about his past or his personality, but he appears to be very dedicated to his work and cool in a crisis.
  • Higeoyaji"Shunsaku Ban":Voice -Kenichi Ogata.Owner of a Tokyo ramen shop and a good friend of Kenmochi. Higeoyaji has had to do a fair amount of caring for Sharaku, who can't be left alone when his father is away. Sharaku occasionally helps out in the ramen shop, but his distractable nature and clumsiness usually make more trouble for Higeoyaji. His nickname means 'mustached old man' in English. He is part of Osamu Tezuka's Star System as Shunsaku Ban, a famous detective.

Other characters[edit]

  • Mother of Sharaku-Immediately after leaving Sharaku to Kenmochi,she dies.
  • Onido Saburo (Kidou Saburo):Voice -Hayami Sho.The leader of the bad group study at the same school of Sharaku and Wato. For bullying Sharaku in early.
  • Osamu:Voice -Tano Megumi.Osamu is an anime-only character based on Tezuka Osamu. He is Sharaku's classmate, and is portrayed as a nervous sort who likes to keep himself out of trouble. At times it has been indicated that Osamu (like the rest of her male classmates) may be interested in Wato romantically. He wears thick, round glasses and has a bulbous nose, and when in uniform is usually seen wearing his black student cap.
  • Takashi:Voice - Akira Ishida. - While featuring occasionally in the manga, Takashi is seen far more often in the anime in Sharaku's small circle of friends. He is a little more quick to action, but is meek as well, preventing him from helping Sharaku much when he's being picked on. Takashi has beady black eyes and is fairly tall. He and Osamu are good friends.
  • Bankara:Voice -Sakurai Toshiharu.His real name is Bando To Saburo. Captain of the judo club.- A member of the Judo Club, Bankara is Sharaku's classmate and could be considered a member of Kido's group, but truthfully he likes Sharaku and tries to protect him. He is one of the few people who know about Sharaku's Three-Eyed personality. Bankara is tall and heavyset with short black hair, and wears his student cap frayed.
  • Skunk Kusai:Voice -Fumihiko Trees. Claiming to Newkirk university professors, but he is actually a thief. He appears in" Astro Boy "famous" as the villain in such Skunk Kusai and in "The Three-eyed One ".
  • Bumpuku Fukutaro:Voice -Yara Yusaku.Man of mystery haunts Sharaku. He appeared in the episode "Villain Bumpuku appears".
  • Noble: Voice -Nozomu Sasaki. Keeper of the Lake Biwia. Use the super powers in the fight against goblins in the anime, he died in exhaustion after Sharaku told him that he love wato.
  • Garon:Voice -Ishizuka Unsho
  • Aira, Moegi:Voice -Yuri Amano A three-eyed mysterious girl who know the clue of the plant Bolbocc.
  • Pogo,Bogota,Bokor,Ruby:Voice -Miyuki Sanae.A monkey who can speak human language. She is yearning Sharaku, and help him.
  • Ancient Prince Godaru,"Godal" Hen:Voice -Ikura Kazue. The ancestor Of Sharaku. He is the Prince of Lemuria Kingdom, with a cruel outrageous personality. He possesses the body of Wato, but it is two-eyed and it don't give him very big power and he want to possess the body of Sharaku.
  • Princess Shiguana: Voice -Naoko Matsui.The wife of Godaru and ancestor of Wato.Eventually sealed in the pot the soul dissolved the body of Godaru.
  • Moa - Originally an egg left under Sharaku's care when its mother, a Giant Moa (an extinct species unique to New Zealand) was killed, little Moa hatched and began living with him. She (gender is ambiguous, but appears to be female) is quite intelligent and loves Sharaku, though Wato isn't fond of the bird. Moa has the ability to fly; though her species has no wings, she can charge up her backside and fly like a rocket when need be. When she is older, she is capable of carrying people while flying. Very playful and vocal (though she cannot speak human languages), Moa also has a soft spot for Higeoyaji's gyoza dumplings.

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