Architecture of Lagos

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Lagos skyline
A section near Broad Street, Lagos

The architecture of Lagos is an eclectic mix of different types, styles and periods. Buildings range from traditional vernacular architecture to tropical, modern architecture or a mixture. The oldest European-styled buildings date back to the 17th century. Elements of Portuguese architecture introduced by returnee ex-slaves from Brazil and the Caribbean, although present all over the city, predominates in places like: Lagos Island,Surulere and Yaba Municipalities.[1][2][3] Colonial-styled architecture flourished during the Lagos Colony. The Lagos skyline is a mixture of modern high rise buildings, skyscrapers, dilapidated buildings and slums.[4][5][6] Lagos has the tallest skyline in Nigeria. Skyscraper construction commenced in the 1960s.[7] Several iconic class A office and mixed-use buildings have been built by reputable international developers and private equity firms. Modern buildings and structures have been a continuous development till date.[8][9][10]

Notable buildings[edit]


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