Arenillas Ecological Reserve

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Arenillas Ecological Reserve
Brotogeris pyrrhoptera -Guayas -Ecuador-8.jpg
Map showing the location of Arenillas Ecological Reserve
Map showing the location of Arenillas Ecological Reserve
Map of Ecuador
Location Arenillas and Huaquillas Cantons, El Oro Province, Ecuador
Coordinates 3°32′20″S 80°08′46″W / 3.539°S 80.146°W / -3.539; -80.146[1]Coordinates: 3°32′20″S 80°08′46″W / 3.539°S 80.146°W / -3.539; -80.146[1]
Area 17,083 ha (42,210 acres)
Established June 2001
Governing body Defense Ministry of Ecuador

Arenillas Ecological Reserve (Spanish: Reserva Ecológica Arenillas) is a 17,083-hectare (42,210-acre) protected area in Ecuador situated in the El Oro Province, in the Arenillas Canton and in the Huaquillas Canton.

Known mammals in the reserve, according to a 1993 study include the Sechuran fox (Lycalopex sechurae), the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus), Robinson's mouse opossum (Marmosa robinsoni), the Pacific spiny-rat (Proechimys decumamus), the jaguarundi (Puma yagouaroundi), the tayra (Eira barbara), the greater bulldog bat, the common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus), the crab-eating raccoon (Procyon cancrivorus) and the Guayaquil squirrel (Sciurus stramineus).[2] There are also 153 species of birds of which 35% are endemic.[2] The reserve is a BirdLife International IBA with the following endangered birds: grey-cheeked parakeet (Brotogeris pyrrhoptera), slaty becard (Pachyramphus spodiurus), and blackish-headed spinetail (Synallaxis tithys).[3]

The region is managed by the ministry of defense and visitors must get permission from them to visit the area.[2]


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