Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve

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Cayambe Coca National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Volcan Cayambe.JPG
Cayambe volcano, the park's namesake
Location Ecuador:
Sucumbíos, Napo, Pichincha, Imbabura
Nearest cityQuito
Coordinates0°3′0″N 77°48′0″W / 0.05000°N 77.80000°W / 0.05000; -77.80000Coordinates: 0°3′0″N 77°48′0″W / 0.05000°N 77.80000°W / 0.05000; -77.80000
Area4031.03 km2

Cayambe Coca National Park is a national park in Ecuador located along the Equator about 38 km (24 mi) from Quito. The park encompasses an area of 4,031.03 km2 (996,090 acres).[citation needed]


Large birds such as the Andean condor and variable hawk are commonplace in the skies above the reserve. Spectacled bears, foxes, and deer are some of the larger animals of the reserve. Páramo rabbits and armadillos are among the smaller fauna. There are 106 species of mammals, including the mountain tapir, cougar and culpeo, 395 species of birds, 70 reptiles, and 116 amphibians.[1]


Laguna Baños

Local habitat types include the grasslands of the páramo and montane cloud forests. Bunchgrasses, ferns, and lycopods are common plants. There are over 100 species of endemic plants.[1]


There are indigenous communities living within the protected area such as the Quechua people of Oyacachi in the Napo Province and the Cofán people of Sinangoé in the Sucumbíos Province.[2]

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