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Arome Bakery outlet in Queensway Plaza, Admiralty

Arome Bakery (Chinese: t 東海, s 东海, p Dōnghǎi Táng, lit "Hall of the East China Sea"; CantoneseDung¹-hoi² Tong⁴) is a Hong Kong-based Japanese-style chain bakery. It operates over 50 shops in Hong Kong. It was founded in the 1980s by Ching-Po Yu (Chinese: 于鏡波) and his daughter Man-Ying Yu (Chinese: 于文瑛), who are also the founders of Hong Kong Construction, the Hong Kong branch of Kumagai Gumi.[1] Arome was acquired by Maxim's Catering, which is owned by Dairy Farm International Holdings in 2008.[2]

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