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Genki Sushi in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Genki Sushi concept store in Apm, Hong Kong

Genki Sushi is a chain of conveyor belt sushi restaurants established in 1990 in Japan. The chain expanded to include locations in Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore,[1] Kuwait, the Philippines, China, Australia, Vietnam, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Norway, Saudi Arabia, the Czech Republic, Lebanon, Slovakia, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Pakistan, Poland, Bulgaria, Egypt, South Africa the United Arab Emirates and the United States, including, California, Hawaii[2] and Washington.

Genki Sushi restaurants in Hong Kong are operated by Maxim's Caterers.[3]

As of 2022, Genki Sushi has ceased operations in Russia due to the Russo-Ukrainian War

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