Aroup Chatterjee

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Aroup Chatterjee
Born Calcutta
Occupation Author, physician
Religion Atheist
Spouse(s) Zelpha Kittler
Children 3

Aroup Chatterjee (born in Calcutta) is a British Indian atheist physician.[1] He is the author of the book Mother Teresa: The Untold Story (earlier known as Mother Teresa: The Final Verdict), a work which challenges the widespread regard of Mother Teresa as a symbol of philanthropy and selflessness.[2]

Chatterjee's criticism inspired a documentary named Hell's Angel that was shown on Channel 4, a British television channel. The documentary was written by a well-known critic of Mother Teresa, Christopher Hitchens, who co-produced it with Tariq Ali. Chatterjee and Hitchens were the two official hostile witnesses to Church procedures for the beatification of Mother Teresa in 2003.[1]

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