Aroup Chatterjee

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Aroup Chatterjee
Born Kolkata
Occupation Author, physician
Spouse(s) Zelpha Kittler
Children Allegra

Aroup Chatterjee (born in Kolkata) is the author of the book Mother Teresa: The Final Verdict, a work which challenges the widespread regard of Mother Teresa as a symbol of philanthropy and selflessness.[1]

Chatterjee is a physician working in England. He has accused Mother Teresa of unfairly damaging the reputation of the city of Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). In his book Chatterjee claims that Mother Teresa exaggerated the work she did among the poor, that she failed to use the very large amount of money donated to her on helping the poor and that the medical care given to people in homes run by Missionaries of Charity was grossly inadequate.

Chatterjee's criticism inspired a documentary named Hell's Angel that was shown on Channel 4, a British television channel. The documentary was written by a well-known critic of Mother Teresa, Christopher Hitchens, who co-produced it with Tariq Ali. Chatterjee and Hitchens were the two official hostile witnesses to Church procedures for the beatification of Mother Teresa in 2003.

Personal life[edit]

His wife, Zelpha Kittler, is a psychiatrist. He also has two daughters: Allegra, 20, and Ophelia, 22. He also has a son Orion.

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