Ashina Huaidao

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Ashina Huaidao
Shixing Khagan
Reign704 - 708
PredecessorAshina Huseluo
SuccessorAshina Xian
FatherAshina Huseluo

Ashina Huaidao (704 - 708) - was a puppet Turkic khagan under Tang dynasty.[1]


He was a son of Ashina Huseluo. He was sent to Turgesh leader Sakal by Tang to negotiate submission in 706. After achieving this, he was appointed as Shixing Khagan by Zhongzhong who also appointed Sakal as the Dujun (Commander-in-chief) of the Walu Prefecture (嗢鹿州都督) and the Huaide Commandery Prince (懷徳郡王). However, he soon died and was buried in Xianyang.[2]


His wife was from the An family of the Six Sogdian Prefecture (六胡州) with whom he had several offspring:


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