Bagha Shad

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Bagha Shad (Old Turkic: Old Turkic letter D1.svgOld Turkic letter SH.svg Old Turkic letter A.svgOld Turkic letter G1.svgOld Turkic letter B1.svg, baγa šad, simplified Chinese: 莫贺设; traditional Chinese: 莫賀設; pinyin: mòhè shè; Wade–Giles: mo-ho she) was a Göktürk shad or general of the early 7th century CE. He was a close kinsman and subject of the Western Göktürk khagan, Tong Yabghu.[1] Bagha Shad was probably the father of Böri Shad and may have been the yabghu or prince of the Khazars.[2]

He is referred to in Chinese sources as having sojourned in China in 618–626, possibly as Tong Yabghu's emissary to the Tang emperor.[3] Thereafter he disappears from the historical record.[4]


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