Astaboran languages

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Northern Eastern Sudanic
Sudan, Eritrea, Chad, Nubia
Linguistic classification: Nilo-Saharan?
Glottolog: None

The Astaboran, Northern Eastern Sudanic, or Eastern k Sudanic languages form a primary division of the yet-to-be-demonstrated Eastern Sudanic family. They are characterized by having a /k/ in the pronoun "I/me", as opposed to the Kir–Abbaian (Southern) languages, which have an /n/. Nyima has yet to be conclusively linked to the other languages, and would appear to be the closest relative of Astaboran rather than Astaboran proper.

The most famous Astaboran language is Nubian. Assuming it is Nilo-Saharan, the ancient Meroitic language appears on limited evidence to be closest to languages of this group, such as Nyima and Nubian.


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