Athletics at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Men's 100 metres

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Men's 100 metres
at the Games of the II Olympiad
Venue Bois de Boulogne
Date July 14
Competitors 20 from 9 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Frank Jarvis
 United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) Walter Tewksbury
 United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Stan Rowley
← 1896
1904 →

The men's 100 metres was a sprinting event on the athletics programme at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. It was held on July 14, 1900. 20 athletes from nine nations competed.


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in seconds) prior to the 1900 Summer Olympics.

World Record 10.8(*) United States Luther Cary Paris (FRA) July 4, 1891
10.8(*) United Kingdom Cecil Lee Brussels (BEL) September 25, 1892
10.8(*) Belgium Étienne De Re Brussels (BEL) August 4, 1893
10.8(*) United Kingdom L. Atcherley Frankfurt/Main (GER) April 13, 1895
10.8(*) United Kingdom Harry Beaton Rotterdam (NED) August 28, 1895
10.8(*) Sweden Harald Anderson-Arbin Helsingborg (SWE) August 9, 1896
10.8(*) Sweden Isaac Westergren Gävle (SWE) September 11, 1898
10.8(*) Sweden Isaac Westergren Gävle (SWE) September 10, 1899
Olympic Record 11.8 United States Thomas Burke Athens (GRE) April 6, 1896 (NS)

(*) unofficial

Arthur Duffey in the first heat of the first round and Walter Tewksbury in the second heat of the first round set new Olympic records with 11.4 seconds. In the third heat of the first round Frank Jarvis equalled the unofficial world record with 10.8 seconds. In the second semifinal Tewksbury also equalled the world record with 10.8 seconds.


First round[edit]

In the first round, there were six heats. The top two runners in each advanced to the semifinals.

  Advance on placement
  Advance on time

First round, heat 1

Place Athlete Time
1  Arthur Duffey (USA) 11.4 s OR
2  Frederick Moloney (USA) (11.5)
3  Václav Nový (BOH) Unknown

Duffey was a metre ahead of Moloney at the finish.

First round, heat 2

Place Athlete Time
1  Walter Tewksbury (USA) 11.4 s EOR
2  Thaddeus McClain (USA) (11.4)
3  Pál Koppán (HUN) Unknown

Tewksbury won this heat by six inches.

First round, heat 3

Place Athlete Time
1  Frank Jarvis (USA) 10.8 s EWR
2  Stan Rowley (AUS) (10.9)
3  Umberto Colombo (ITA) Unknown
4  Julius Keyl (GER) Unknown

The fastest of the preliminary heats featured two of the eventual medallists; Jarvis won by a metre and equalled the world record.

First round, heat 4

Place Athlete Time
1  Clark Leiblee (USA) 11.4 s
2  Kurt Doerry (GER) (11.5)
3  Johannes Gandil (DEN) Unknown

Leiblee won this heat by half a yard.

First round, heat 5

Place Athlete Time
1  Norman Pritchard (IND) 11.4 s
2  Edmund Minahan (USA) (11.5)
3  Ernő Schubert (HUN) Unknown
4  Isaac Westergren (SWE) Unknown

The fifth heat was the only one that was not won by an American runner; Pritchard beat Minahan by half a yard.

First round, heat 6

Place Athlete Time
1  Charles Burroughs (USA) 11.4 s
2  Dixon Boardman (USA) (11.5)
3  Henry Slack (USA) Unknown

In an all-American heat, Burroughs defeated Boardman by about a metre, with Slack in third to become the only American runner to be eliminated in the first round.


There were three semifinals, each with four runners. The top runner in each of the semifinals advanced to the final, while the second and third place runners competed in the repechage. The winner of the six-runner repechage advanced to the final as well.

Semifinal 1

Place Athlete Time
1  Arthur Duffey (USA) 11.0 s
2  Stan Rowley (AUS) (11.2)
3  Charles Burroughs (USA) Unknown
4  Dixon Boardman (USA) Unknown

Duffey dropped almost half a second from his preliminary heat time to beat Rowley by five feet. Burroughs again defeated Boardman, eliminating Boardman from competition while remaining in contention in the repechage.

Semifinal 2

Place Athlete Time
1  Walter Tewksbury (USA) 10.8 s EWR
2  Clark Leiblee (USA) (10.9)
3  Frederick Moloney (USA) Unknown
 Kurt Doerry (GER) DNF

Tewksbury equalled the world record, the second runner to accomplish that at the Paris Games, with Leiblee six inches behind him. There is some question as to whether Dörry started the race, but he did not finish it.

Semifinal 3

Place Athlete Time
1  Frank Jarvis (USA) 11.2 s
2  Thaddeus McClain (USA) (11.3)
3  Norman Pritchard (IND) Unknown
4  Edmund Minahan (USA) Unknown

Jarvis won by a yard, McClain and Pritchard were relegated to the repechage, and Minahan was eliminated.


Place Athlete Time
1  Stan Rowley (AUS) 11.0 s
2  Norman Pritchard (IND) (11.0)
3  Clark Leiblee (USA) Unknown
4-6  Charles Burroughs (USA) Unknown
 Thaddeus McClain (USA) Unknown
 Frederick Moloney (USA) Unknown

The repechage was a very close race, with Rowley defeating Pritchard by two inches. Rowley advanced to the final while Pritchard and the four Americans were eliminated.


Place Athlete Time
1  Frank Jarvis (USA) 11.0 s
2  Walter Tewksbury (USA) (11.1)
3  Stan Rowley (AUS) (11.2)
 Arthur Duffey (USA) DNF

Duffey got away to an early lead, but pulled a tendon at the 50 meter mark. Jarvis beat Tewksbury by two feet, with Rowley half a yard behind.


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