Athletics at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Women's 100 metres

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Women's 100 metres
at the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad
Competitors 63 from 59 nations
Gold medal    Belarus
Silver medal    United States
Bronze medal    Jamaica
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2004 Summer Olympics
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The Women's 100 m at the 2004 Summer Olympics as part of the athletics program were held at the Athens Olympic Stadium on August 20, 2004 and August 21, 2004.


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in seconds) prior to the 2004 Summer Olympics.

World Record 10.49 United States Florence Griffith-Joyner Indianapolis (USA) July 16, 1988
Olympic Record 10.62 United States Florence Griffith-Joyner Seoul (KOR) September 24, 1988



All times shown are in seconds.
Q denotes automatic qualification.
q denotes fastest losers.
DNS denotes did not start.
DNF denotes did not finish.
PB denotes personal best.
NR denotes national record.
medal winners in bold

Initially there were eight heats with the first three from each heat progressing along with the eight fastest losers. In the second round the first three from each of the four heats went through to the semi-finals along with the four fastest losers. The first four in each of those semi-finals then qualified for the final.

Round 1[edit]

All heats of round one were held on Friday, August 20, 2004.

Heat 1

Heat 1 saw Bailey take first in one of the slower heats ahead of Mang who ran a personal best and Ferguson. There was also a PB for Sou of Cambodia.

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  Aleen Bailey (JAM) 11.20 Q
2  Véronique Mang (FRA) 11.24 Q
3  Debbie Ferguson (BAH) 11.30 Q
4  Mercy Nku (NGR) 11.37 q
5  Liliana Allen (MEX) 11.42 q
6  Geraldine Pillay (RSA) 11.44
7  Tit Linda Sou (CAM) 13.47
8  Katura Marae (VAN) 13.49

Heat 2

Nestsiarenka, national record and fastest time of all heats, was never troubled, leading from the gun along with Khubbieva who faded towards the end and Kruglova, equalled personal best, who managed to stay on but could not hold off the 44 year old veteran Ottey who started slowly but ran down all but Nestsiarenka in the latter stages. Further down the pack were Al Gassra and Nasrallah who also ran national records and Ikelap equalling her PB.

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  Yulia Nestsiarenka (BLR) 10.94 Q
2  Merlene Ottey (SLO) 11.14 Q
3  Larisa Kruglova (RUS) 11.23 Q
4  Guzel Khubbieva (UZB) 11.31 q
5  Rakia Al Gassra (BRN) 11.49
6  Winneth Dube (ZIM) 11.56
7  Evangeleen Ikelap (FSM) 13.50
8  Danah Al Nasrallah (KUW) 13.92

Heat 3

Williams held up the start for a minute or so as she asked a track side judge to remove some litter that appeared in her lane and this may have distracted her as she was slow away but ran down the fast away Khabarova in the last twenty metres. A hard running Ashby just held off Allou for the last automatic qualifying place. Florencio managed a PB in finishing sixth but even she was a different class to the Mauritanian who was clearly out of her depth.

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  Lauryn Williams (USA) 11.16 Q
2  Irina Khabarova (RUS) 11.32 Q
3  Fana Ashby (TRI) 11.43 Q
4  Affoué Amandine Allou (CIV) 11.46
5  Melisa Murillo (COL) 11.67
6  Elena Bobrovskaya (KGZ) 11.76
7  Ngerak Florencio (PLW) 12.76
8  Aminata Kamissoko (MTN) 13.49

Heat 4

Manninen held up her hand on the blocks after the starter had held them for an excessively long time. When they eventually got away Sturrup, returning from injury, burst out from the blocks but lack of fitness told as she fell apart at seventy metres and only just held off Mueller. Tabakova and Simpson both went past Sturrup with the Russian powering away to take first. There was a PB for Mwemeata in lane 4.

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  Yuliya Tabakova (RUS) 11.22 Q
2  Sherone Simpson (JAM) 11.27 Q
3  Chandra Sturrup (BAH) 11.37 Q
4  Bettina Müller (AUT) 11.39 q
5  Johanna Manninen (FIN) 11.45
6  Sina Schielke (GER) 11.46
7  Kaitinano Mwemweata (KIR) 13.07
8  Philaylack Sackpraseuth (LAO) 13.42

Heat 5

Colander was impressive leading from the gun and easing up through the last five metres. Ojokolo took second away from Mayers who slowed considerably in towards the end and limped off the track clinging her right hamstring. Although not qualifying for the latter stages Al Eshosh ran a new Jordanian record.

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  LaTasha Colander (USA) 11.31 Q
2  Endurance Ojokolo (NGR) 11.36 Q
3  Natasha Mayers (VIN) 11.45 Q
4  Tetyana Tkalich (UKR) 11.58
5  Basma Al Eshosh (JOR) 12.09 NR
6  Aleksandra Vojnevska (MKD) 12.15
7  Li Xuemei (CHN) 12.21
8  Jenny Keni (SOL) 12.76

Heat 6

Former world champion Block, and double Olympic champion, both looked past their best trailing in behin Campbell who was never behind. Yaar set an Afghan national record. The Somalian, Omar, who brought up the rear had some problems. After leaving the blocks she followed the lane markings that merge with the home straight and wandered into lane 6, fortunately Devers had left her behind so was not interfered with.

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  Veronica Campbell (JAM) 11.17 Q
2  Zhanna Block (UKR) 11.27 Q
3  Gail Devers (USA) 11.29 Q
4  La Verne Jones (ISV) 11.38 q
5  Agne Eggerth (LTU) 11.44
6  Heather Samuel (ANT) 12.05
7  Robina Muqim Yaar (AFG) 14.14 NR
8  Fartun Abukar Omar (SOM) 14.29 PB

Heat 7

A false start by the inexperienced Koime didn't put her off as ran a national record in coming sixth. Jaasim, Iraq's only female competitor at the games, was also not disgraced in coming last. These two were a fair distance behind the business end of the race where world indoor 60 m. champion Gevaert, who had burst out the blocks, was run down by Anim (NR) and Arron who both recorded the same time.

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  Vida Anim (GHA) 11.14 Q
2  Christine Arron (FRA) 11.14 Q
3  Kim Gevaert (BEL) 11.18 Q
4  Karin Mayr-Krifka (AUT) 11.40 q
5  Rosemar Maria Coelho Neto (BRA) 11.43 q
6  Mae Koime (PNG) 12.00
7  Hawanatu Bangura (SLE) 12.11
8  Alaa Jassim (IRQ) 12.70

Heat 8

Atangana shot into an early lead from the start but was tiring by fifty metres from where Lalova took control of the race. Oyepitan had a strong steady race and just held off Perepelova who finished steadily in lane eight after a poor start.

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  Ivet Lalova (BUL) 11.16 Q
2  Abi Oyepitan (GBR) 11.23 Q
3  Lyubov Perepelova (UZB) 11.30 Q
4  Delphine Bertille Atangana (CMR) 11.40 q
5  Viktoriya Koviyreva (KAZ) 11.62
6  Marine Ghazaryan (ARM) 12.29
7  Carol Mokola (ZAM) 12.35

Round 2[edit]

All heats of round two were held on Friday, August 20, 2004.

Heat 1

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  Christine Arron (FRA) 11.10 Q
2  Veronica Campbell (JAM) 11.18 Q
3  Abi Oyepitan (GBR) 11.28 Q
4  Gail Devers (USA) 11.31 q
5  Irina Khabarova (RUS) 11.32
6  La Verne Jones (ISV) 11.44
7  Chandra Sturrup (BAH) 11.46
8  Delphine Atangana (CMR) 11.60

Heat 2

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  Lauryn Williams (USA) 11.03 Q
2  Ivet Lalova (BUL) 11.09 Q
3  Debbie Ferguson (BAH) 11.16 Q
4  Lyubov Perepelova (UZB) 11.26 q
5  Zhanna Block (UKR) 11.27 q
6  Véronique Mang (FRA) 11.39
7  Bettina Müller (AUT) 11.50
8  Karin Mayr-Krifka (AUT) 11.55

Heat 3

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  Sherone Simpson (JAM) 11.09 Q
2  Aleen Bailey (JAM) 11.12 Q
3  Merlene Ottey (SLO) 11.24 Q
4  Larisa Kruglova (RUS) 11.36
5  Mercy Nku (NGR) 11.39
6  Liliana Allen (MEX) 11.52
7  Fana Ashby (TRI) 11.54
8  Vida Anim (GHA) DNF

Heat 4

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  Yulia Nestsiarenka (BLR) 10.99 Q
2  Kim Gevaert (BEL) 11.17 Q
3  LaTasha Colander (USA) 11.20 Q
4  Yuliya Tabakova (RUS) 11.25 q
5  Endurance Ojokolo (NGR) 11.35
6  Guzel Khubbieva (UZB) 11.35
7  Rosemar Maria Coelho Neto (BRA) 11.45
 Natasha Mayers (VIN) DNS


The semi-finals were held on Saturday, August 21, 2004.

Heat 1

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  Yulia Nestsiarenka (BLR) 10.92 NR Q
2  Veronica Campbell (JAM) 10.93 PB Q
3  Ivet Lalova (BUL) 11.04 Q
4  Debbie Ferguson (BAH) 11.04 SB Q
5  Abi Oyepitan (GBR) 11.18
6  Christine Arron (FRA) 11.21
7  Gail Devers (USA) 11.22
8  Yuliya Tabakova (RUS) 11.25

Heat 2

Place Athlete Time Qual.
1  Lauryn Williams (USA) 11.01 Q
2  Sherone Simpson (JAM) 11.03 Q
3  Aleen Bailey (JAM) 11.13 Q
4  LaTasha Colander (USA) 11.18 Q
5  Merlene Ottey (SLO) 11.21
6  Zhanna Block (UKR) 11.23 SB
7  Kim Gevaert (BEL) 11.40
8  Lyubov Perepelova (UZB) 11.40


The final was held on Saturday, August 21, 2004. The start was notably uneven, with Ivet Lalova and Sherone Simpson jumping into upright running positions quickly, while Lauryn Williams, Aleen Bailey and Veronica Campbell between them got out behind. Campbell further seemed to stumble while Williams powerfully overstrided from last into the lead in the center of the track by the half way mark. Simpson faded quickly from her fast start being overtaken by Yulia Nestsiarenka who seemed to find her stride 30 meters into the race on the outside. On the inside, Campbell too had found her stride and was picking off Bailey and Lalova. Nestsiarenka continued her march past the field as Williams strained to hold off the fast closing Campbell.

Place Athlete Time
1  Yulia Nestsiarenka (BLR) 10.93
2  Lauryn Williams (USA) 10.96 PB
3  Veronica Campbell (JAM) 10.97
4  Ivet Lalova (BUL) 11.00
5  Aleen Bailey (JAM) 11.05
6  Sherone Simpson (JAM) 11.07
7  Debbie Ferguson (BAH) 11.16
8  LaTasha Colander (USA) 11.18