Athletics at the 1992 Summer Olympics – Women's 10 kilometres walk

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Athletics at the
1992 Summer Olympics
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The Women's 10 km Walk at the 1992 Summer Olympics was held on August 3, 1992, in Barcelona, Spain. There were a total number of 44 competitors, with six athletes who were disqualified.

Inside the stadium, Alina Ivanova and Chen Yueling were locked in a tight battle. With 200 metres to go, Ivanova accelerated for what looked like would be a gold/bronze combination for the former Soviet athletes. Chen maintained her pace to stay ahead of Yelena Nikolayeva, sprinting to chase her down, pulling away from Chen's Chinese teammate Li Chunxiu. Well ahead, Ivanova bounded across the finish line in first, but her final sprint only earned her a disqualification. Ileana Salvador sprinted past Li at the line, also earning a disqualification, giving Chen the gold medal and China the gold/bronze combination. Chen also took the Olympic record in the first time Olympic event.


Gold Chen Yueling
Silver Yelena Nikolayeva
 Unified Team
Bronze Li Chunxiu


  • All times shown are in hours:minutes:seconds
DNS did not start
NM no mark
OR olympic record
WR world record
AR area record
NR national record
PB personal best
SB season best


Standing records prior to the 1992 Summer Olympics
World Record  Kerry Saxby-Junna (AUS) 41:30 August 27, 1988 Australia Canberra, Australia
Olympic Record New Event
Broken records at the 1992 Summer Olympics
Olympic Record  Chen Yueling (CHN) 44:32 August 3, 1992 Spain Barcelona, Spain



Final ranking[edit]

Rank Athlete Time Note
1st, gold medalist(s)  Chen Yueling (CHN) 44:32 OR
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Yelena Nikolayeva (EUN) 44:33
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  Li Chunxiu (CHN) 44:41
4  Sari Essayah (FIN) 45:08
5  Cui Yingzi (CHN) 45:15
6  Madelein Svensson (SWE) 45:17
7  Annarita Sidoti (ITA) 45:23
8  Yelena Sayko (EUN) 45:23
9  Anne Judkins (NZL) 45:28
10  Mari Cruz Díaz (ESP) 45:32
11  Katarzyna Radtke (POL) 45:45
12  Mária Urbanik (HUN) 45:50
13  Ildikó Ilyés (HUN) 45:54
14  Encarna Granados (ESP) 46:00
15  Kerry Saxby-Junna (AUS) 46:01
16  Beate Anders (GER) 46:31
17  Beata Kaczmarska (POL) 46:34
18  Andrea Alföldi (HUN) 46:35
19  Elisabetta Perrone (ITA) 46:43
20  Michelle Rohl (USA) 46:45
21  Tina Poitras (CAN) 46:50
22  Emilia Cano (ESP) 47:03
23  Miki Itakura (JPN) 47:11
24  Yuko Sato (JPN) 47:43
25  Janice McCaffrey (CAN) 48:05
26  Debbi Lawrence (USA) 48:23
27  Victoria Herazo (USA) 48:26
28  Maricela Chávez (MEX) 48:39
29  Pascale Grand (CAN) 49:14
30  Eva Machuca (MEX) 50:02
31  Gabrielle Blythe (AUS) 50:13
32  Betty Sworowski (GBR) 50:14
33  Kathrin Born-Boyde (GER) 50:21
34  Isilda Gonçalves (POR) 50:23
35  Lisa Langford (GBR) 51:44
36  Miriam Ramón (ECU) 51:56
37  Perri Williams (IRL) 54:53
38  Kada Delić (BIH) 55:24
 Alina Ivanova (EUN) DSQ
 Ileana Salvador (ITA) DSQ
 Susana Feitor (POR) DSQ
 Graciela Mendoza (MEX) DSQ
 Vicky Lupton (GBR) DSQ
 Ma Kyin Lwan (MYA) DSQ

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