Atlanta Union Station (1930)

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Union Station
Inter-city rail
Atlanta Union Station.jpg
Union Station in 1946.
Line(s) GA
Opened 1930
Closed 1970 (demolished 1972)

The Union Station built in 1930 in Atlanta was the smaller of two principal train stations in downtown, Terminal Station being the other (the latter served Southern Railway, Seaboard Air Line, Central of Georgia (including the Nancy Hanks to Savannah), and the Atlanta and West Point). It was the third "union station" or "union depot" (usage varied in the 19th century), succeeding the 1853 station, burned in mid-November 1864 when Federal forces left Atlanta for the March to the Sea, and the 1871 station.


The station was located over the tracks between Forsyth and Spring Streets, 3 blocks west and 1 block south of the predecessor union stations. The site is the block immediately west of Five Points MARTA station.

Opening in 1930, the third Union Station served the Georgia Railroad, Atlantic Coast Line (previously the Atlanta, Birmingham and Coast Railroad), and Louisville and Nashville (previously the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway). It replaced earlier stations on the same site.

Major trains and destinations:

  • Louisville and Nashville:
    • The GeorgianChicago, via Nashville and Evansville, IN
    • The Humming BirdSt. Louis, via Nashville and Evansville, IN, with another section going to Chicago

After the tenant railroads of Union Station had discontinued all their passenger trains—the last such train operated on April 30, 1971, the day before Amtrak came into existence—the station was razed in 1972. Remnants of the platform may be seen behind the Atlanta Journal Constitution building although construction of Underground Atlanta and MARTA largely obliterated the site.


Coordinates: 33°45′18″N 84°23′33″W / 33.755°N 84.3925°W / 33.755; -84.3925