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The Attorney General of Kenya is the head of the Kenyan State Law Office and the principal legal adviser to the government of Kenya. The current attorney general, Githu Muigai, was appointed on 29 August 2011.[1]


The Office of the Attorney General draws its mandate from Article 156 of the Constitution of Kenya (2010), which vests on the Attorney General the responsibility of being the Principal Legal Adviser to the Government, to ensure that the rule of law is promoted, protected and upheld and defend the public interest. Further the Office of the Attorney General Act No. 49 of 2012 clearly spells out the functions of the office that include:

  1. Advising Government Ministries, Departments, Constitutional Commissions and State Corporations on legislative and other legal matters;
  2. Negotiating, drafting, vetting and interpreting local and international documents, agreements and treaties for and on behalf of the Government and its agencies; and
  3. Performing any function as may be necessary for the effective discharge of the duties and the exercise of the powers of the Attorney-General.

Attorneys General of East Africa Protectorate (1895–1920)[edit]

  • Alfred Karney Young (1906–1909)
  • Ralph Molyneux Combe (1912–1914)
  • Sir Jacob William Barth (1914–1918)[2] (Chief Justice of Kenya, 1920)
  • Ivan Llewelyn Owen Gower (1918) (acting)
  • Robert William Lyall-Grant (1918–1920)[3]

Attorneys General of British Kenya (1920–1963)[edit]

Attorneys General of Kenya (since 1963)[edit]

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