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Aurboða (also Aurboda; Old Norse "gravel-bidder" or "gravel-offerer") is a jötunn in Norse mythology. She is the wife of the jötunn Gymir and the mother of Gerðr.[1][2]


The Old Norse name Aurboða has been translated as 'gravel-bidder',[1] or 'gravel-offerer'.[2]

In Fjölsvinnsmál (The Lay of Fjölsvinn), an unrelated figure named Aurboða is one of the nine maidens sitting at the knees of their mistress the giantess Menglöd.[1][2]

It is sometimes anglicized as Aurboda.[1][2]


In both Hyndluljód (The Lay of Hyndla) and Gylfaginning (Beguiling of Gylfi), Aurboða is portrayed as the mother of the jötunn Gerðr.[2]

Frey possessed Gerd, she was the daughter of Gymir [corrected from Geymir]
Of the race of giants, and of Aurboda.

— Hyndluljód, 30:5–8, transl. J. Lindow, 2002.

There was someone called Gymir, and his wife Aurboda. She was of the race of mountain-giants. Gerd is their daughter, the most beautiful of all women.

— Gylfaginning, 35–37, transl. A. Faulkes, 1987.

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