Australia's First Nations Political Party

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Australia's First Nations Political Party
LeaderKen Lechleitner[1]
HeadquartersAlice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia[2]
IdeologyIndigenous rights and constitutional reform[3][4]

Australia's First Nations Political Party (AFNPP) was an Australian political party federally registered with the Australian Electoral Commission from 6 January 2011 until 15 August 2015 when it failed to demonstrate evidence of the required 500 party members.[5][6] The party is also no longer registered at a territory level.[7]

The party was founded by former independent candidate Maurie Japarta Ryan, grandson of Aboriginal Australian activist Vincent Lingiari.[4] The policies of the party focused on issues such as Northern Territory statehood and Aboriginal sovereignty.[4][3]

The party ran candidates including Warren H Williams in 8 of the 25 unicameral Northern Territory Parliament seats at the 2012 territory election on 2.2 percent of the territory-wide vote. They performed best in the seat of Stuart on 16.4 percent of the vote.[8]

The party ran two Northern Territory Senate candidates including Rosalie Kunoth-Monks at the 2013 federal election on 1.4 percent of the Northern Territory Senate vote.[9]

The party changed their name in November 2013 from "Australian First Nations Political Party" to "Australia's First Nations Political Party".[10]


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