Autódromo General San Martín

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Autódromo General San Martín
Autódromo General San Martín.svg
Map of the track
LocationComodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina
Time zoneGMT -3
Coordinates45°54′9.4″S 67°32′43.3″W / 45.902611°S 67.545361°W / -45.902611; -67.545361Coordinates: 45°54′9.4″S 67°32′43.3″W / 45.902611°S 67.545361°W / -45.902611; -67.545361
Major eventsTC2000, Top Race V6, Turismo Carretera
Length4.10 km (2.53 mi)

Automóvil Club Comodorio Rivadavia is a motorsports circuit located in Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonian, Argentina. It has hosted events in the TC2000 series, Top Race V6 and Turismo Carretera.

The circuit is the second southernmost FIA-recognised racetrack in the world, beaten only by Teretonga Park in New Zealand.