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Autoblog Dot Com Logo.jpg
Web address
Slogan "We Obsessively Cover the Auto Industry"
Commercial? Yes
Type of site
Automotive news
Registration Optional
Available in English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish
Users 2.4 million per month
Owner AOL Inc.
Editor Michael Austin
Alexa rank
1,633 (March 2015)[1]
IP address
Current status Online

Autoblog is an American internet-based automotive news website owned and operated by AOL Inc. through their Weblogs, Inc. subsidiary.[2] AOL reports 2.4 million visitors to the Autoblog website each month.[2] Major media outlets such as U.S. News & World Report and Business Week use Autoblog research in their publications.[3][4][5] Autoblog also licenses its images to media outlets such as CNN Money.[6] Despite its name, Autoblog is not a traditional weblog run by an individual. It is a fully staffed news outlet with complete editorial and photographic departments.[7]


There are several subdivisions within Autoblog, including:

  • Autoblog (main division) - Covering mainstream automotive issues.
  • AutoblogGreen - Covering environmental developments and green vehicles within the automotive industry.[2][8]
  • Autoblog Black - Covering the most indulgent, beastly vehicles on the market.[9]
  • Autoblog Military - Covering recent developments in different types of military vehicles.[10]
  • Autoblog International - Includes Autoblog Canada, Autoblog UK, Autoblog en Español, Autoblog Auf Deutsch, Autoblog En Français and Autoblog Japan. In May 2015, AOL Inc. decided to close some of its international editions, including Canada, France, Spain[11] and Germany in preparation for the Verizon agreement of the company after failing to develop a business model of this sites.


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