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Avi is a given name, usually masculine, often a diminutive of Avram, Avraham, etc. It is sometimes feminine and a diminutive of the Hebrew spelling of Abigail.

People with the given name include:

  • Avi (born 1937), Newbery award-winning American author
  • Avi Arad (born 1948), Israeli-American businessman, founder, chairman and CEO of Marvel Studios
  • Avi Avital (born 1978), Israeli mandolin player and composer
  • Avi Beker (1952–2015), Israel-American political scientist
  • Avi Bell, Professor of Law at the University of San Diego School of Law and Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Law
  • Avi Cohen (1956–2010), Israeli footballer
  • Avi Cohen (footballer, born 1962), Israeli former footballer
  • Avi Dichter (born 1952), Israeli politician, former Minister of Internal Security, Minister of Home Front Defense and Shin Bet director
  • Avi Gabai (born 1967), Israeli politician, former Minister of Environmental Protection (2015-2016)
  • Avi Ivgi (born 1978), Israeli football goalkeeper
  • Avi Kornick (born 1983), Israeli actor
  • Avi Kaplan (born 1989), American-Jewish a capella singer and songwriter
  • Avi Lerner (born 1947), American-Israeli film producer
  • Avi Lewis (born 1968), Canadian documentary filmmaker and former TV host
  • Avi Nesher (born 1953), Israeli film producer, director, screenwriter and actor
  • Avi Nimni (born 1972), Israeli former footballer
  • Avi Pazner (born 1937), Israeli retired diplomat
  • Avi Peretz (footballer) (born 1971), Israeli former footballer
  • Avi Peretz (singer) (born 1966), Israeli singer in Mizrahi music tradition
  • Avi Ran (1963–1987), Israeli footballer
  • Avi Rikan (born 1988), Israeli footballer
  • Avi Rubin (born 1967), American computer scientist and expert in systems and networking security
  • Avi Sagild (1933–1995), Danish film actress
  • Avi Shlaim (born 1945), Israeli-British professor and historian
  • Avi Soffer (born 1986), Israeli footballer
  • Avi Strool (born 1980), Israeli retired footballer
  • Avi Tikva (born 1976), Israeli former footballer
  • Avi Toledano (born 1948), Israeli singer and songwriter, runner-up in the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest
  • Avi Wallerstein, Canadian ophthalmologist and laser eye surgeon, co-founder of LASIK MD
  • Avi Weiss (born 1944), American rabbi, author, teacher, lecturer and activist
  • Avi Wigderson (born 1956), Israeli mathematician and computer scientist
  • Avi Wortzman (born 1970), Israeli politician, former Deputy Minister of Education (2013-2014)
  • Avi Yehezkel (born 1958), Israeli former politician
  • Avi Yehiel (born 1979), Israeli footballer