Aziz Khan Mokri

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Azizkhan Mokri

Aziz Khan Mokri also known as Aziz khan Sardar was an ethnic Kurdish statesman who served as the head of the Iranian army during the reign of the Qajar shah Naser al-Din Shah Qajar. Azikhan was head of the military during the rule of Naser al-Din Shah Qajar. The son of Mohammad Sultan Mokri he was born in 1207 (Hijri calendar) 1792 (Gregorian). He was the head of the military for over 50 years for the Qajar dynasty.His only daughter, Fatema, married the nobility Ahmad Agha Ilkhani. Nasr al-Din Shah also gave the Ilkhanizadeh's the surname Mohtadi as a sign of nobility.


Aziz Khan was the son of a certain Mohammad Sultan Mokri.