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This page provides the summary of BOTY Japan held in Japan. Winner advances to BOTY International also known as Battle of the Year.


Year Location Winner
2017 Japan Japan Mortal Combat
2016 Japan Japan Body Carnival
2015 Japan Japan Flooriorz
2014 Japan Japan Body Carnival
2013 Japan Japan Flooriorz
2012 Japan Japan Flooriorz
2011 Japan Japan Nine States B-Boyz
2010 Japan Japan Mortal Combat
2009 Japan Japan All Area
2008 Japan Japan Kaiten Ninja
2007 Japan Japan Turn Phrase Crew
2006 Japan Japan Mortal Combat
2005 Japan Japan Ichigeki
2004 Japan Japan Mortal Combat
2003 Japan Japan Fireworks
2002 Japan Japan Ichigeki
2001 Japan Japan Team Ohh
2000 Japan Japan Waseda Breakers

Between 2007 and 2009 BOTY Asia regional preliminary sent the top 3 finishers to the BOTY International.

2013 BOTY Japan Preliminaries[edit]

BOTY Japan 2013 included an additional semi finals placer to add additional battles to the tournament. Six crews qualified after the showcase stage of the competition consisting of the two highest scoring crews automatically qualified for the semi finals and four crews competing for the two remaining places against them.

Semi final placers (see table below)
1 Japan Body Carnival W
4 Japan K.A.K.B L
3 Japan Mortal Combat W
2 Japan 8 North Gate L
Semi finals Finals
1 Japan Flooriorz W
4 Japan Mortal Combat L
Japan Flooriorz W
Japan Body Carnival L
3 Japan Found Nation L
2 Japan Body Carnival W

Flooriorz won BOTY Japan 2013 and represented Japan at BOTY International held in Germany.

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