Ballad of the Little Soldier

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Ballad of the Little Soldier
Werner Herzog - Ballad of the little soldier 000021855.jpg
Opening shot of the film.
Directed byWerner Herzog
Denis Reichle
Produced byWerner Herzog
Written byWerner Herzog
Denis Reichle
StarringWerner Herzog
Denis Reichle
Narrated byWerner Herzog
Music byIsidoro Reyes
Paladino Taylor
CinematographyJorge Vignati
Michael Edols
Edited byMaximiliane Mainka
Distributed byNew Yorker Films
Release date
  • 5 November 1984 (1984-11-05) (West Germany)
  • 3 April 1985 (1985-04-03) (United States)
Running time
44 minutes
CountryWest Germany

Ballad of the Little Soldier (German: Ballade vom kleinen Soldaten) is a 1984 documentary film directed by Werner Herzog about children soldiers in Nicaragua. The film focuses on a group of Miskito Indians who used children soldiers in their resistance against the Sandinistas.

Herzog made and co-directed the film at the request of his friend Denis Reichle, who himself served as a child-soldier in the Volkssturm at age fourteen in the aftermath of World War II.[1] The film is often cited as Herzog's most explicitly political, though Herzog denies that he had any specific statement on the politics of the Sandinistas. Herzog has said that the film is about child soldiers, and could have been made in any of several countries where child soldiers exist.[1]


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