Balta Ialomiței

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Balta Ialomiței is an island on the Danube, located in Ialomiţa County and Călăraşi County, Romania. It is surrounded by two branches of the Danube, named "Borcea" and "Dunărea Veche". Originally, a wetland, the island was covered with marshes, woods, lakes and ponds, but some of the land was reclaimed for agriculture. Occasionally, some of these regions are still flooded. The A2 freeway passes through this island. The island has an area of 831.3 km², with a length of 94 km and a width of 4–12.5 km. The average height is 10 to 17 meters.


Coordinates: 44°30′10″N 27°59′43″E / 44.502872°N 27.995224°E / 44.502872; 27.995224