Baroda dynamite case

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The arrest of socialist labour leader, George Fernandes in 1976, one of the key accused in the Baroda dynamite case.

Baroda dynamite case is the term used for the criminal case launched by the Indira Gandhi government in India during the Indian Emergency (1975 - 77) against the opposition leader George Fernandes and 24 others.

The CBI charged George and others of smuggling dynamite to blow up government establishments and railway tracks in protest against state of emergency. They were also charged with waging war against the state to overawe and overthrow the government. The accused were arrested in June 1976 and imprisoned in Tihar Jail, Delhi.

The other prominent accused were Viren J. Shah, G.G. Parikh, C.G.K. Reddy, Prabhudas Patwari, Devi Gujjar and others. The case was tried in Delhi, the CBI justifying the action on the ground that even though the site of the incident was Baroda, the case had national ramifications.

Fernandes fought the 1977 Lok Sabha election from Muzaffarpur in Bihar while in jail as an under trial in the case. He swept the polls with his supporters campaigning with his photo in prison cage and chains. Janata Party withdrew the case on coming to power in 1977 and all accused were released.

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