Bells Beach Surf Classic

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The Bells Beach Surf Classic is a surfing competition which has been held annually at Easter time at Bells Beach, Victoria continuously since 1961,[1] becoming a professional competition in 1973.

The contest has had various sponsors over the years, including in 1984 Australian rock band, Australian Crawl. The trophy is in the form of a bell, for the name of the beach.


Year Men's Women's
1973 Michael Peterson  
1974 Michael Peterson  
1975 Michael Peterson  
1976 Jeff Hakman  
1977 Simon Anderson  Margo Oberg
1978 Mark Richards  Margo Oberg
1979 Mark Richards  Lynne Boyer
1980 Mark Richards  Margo Oberg
1981 Simon Anderson  Linda Davoli
1982 Mark Richards
 Debbie Beacham
1983 Joe Engel  Helen Lambert
1984 Cheyne Horan  Freida Zamba
1985 Tom Curren  Freida Zamba
1986 Tom Carroll  Jodie Cooper
1987 Nick Wood  Kim Mearig
1988 Damien Hardman  
1989 Martin Potter  Wendy Botha
1990 Tom Curren  Lisa Anderson
1991 Barton Lynch  Pauline Menczer
1992 Richie Collins  Lisa Anderson
1993 Damien Hardman  Pauline Menczer
1994 Kelly Slater  Layne Beachley
1995 Sunny Garcia  Lisa Anderson
1996 Sunny Garcia  Pauline Menczer
1997 Matt Hoy  Lisa Anderson
1998 Mark Occhilupo  Layne Beachley
1999 Shane Dorian  Layne Beachley
2000 Sunny Garcia  Megan Abubo
2001 Mick Fanning  Neridah Falconer
2002 Andy Irons  
2003 Andy Irons  
2004 Joel Parkinson  
2005 Trent Munro  Sofia Mulanovich
2006 Kelly Slater  
2007 Taj Burrow  Stephanie Gilmore
2008 Kelly Slater  Stephanie Gilmore
2009 Joel Parkinson  Silvana Lima
2010 Kelly Slater  Stephanie Gilmore
2011 Joel Parkinson  Sally Fitzgibbons
2012 Mick Fanning  Sally Fitzgibbons
2013 Adriano De Souza  Carissa Moore
2014 Mick Fanning  Carissa Moore
2015 Mick Fanning  Carissa Moore