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This is a list of categories of awards commonly awarded through organizations that bestow film awards, including those presented by various film, festivals, and people's awards.

Best Actor/Best Actress[edit]

Best Adapted Screenplay[edit]

A "Best Adapted Screenplay" award is generally issued for the best achievement in transferring a written work from another genre, such as a novel or comic book, in whole or in part, to a feature film.

Best Original Screenplay[edit]

Best Animated Feature Film[edit]

Best Cinematography[edit]

Best Costume Design[edit]

Best Director[edit]

Best Film Editing[edit]

Best Foreign Language Film[edit]

A "Best Foreign Language Film" is generally awarded to a film originating in a country and language different from those where the award is being given.

Best Makeup[edit]

Best Picture[edit]

Best Production Design[edit]

Best Score (or Best Original Score)[edit]

Best Song (or Best Original Song)[edit]

Best Sound[edit]

Best Special Effects (or Best Visual Effects)[edit]

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