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Virus classification
Group: Group VI (ssRNA-RT)
Order: Unassigned
Family: Retroviridae
Subfamily: Orthoretrovirinae
Genus: Betaretrovirus
Type species
Mouse mammary tumor virus

Jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus
Langur virus
Mason-Pfizer monkey virus
Mouse mammary tumor virus
Squirrel monkey retrovirus

Betaretrovirus is a genus of the Retroviridae family. It has type B or type D morphology. The type B is common for a few exogenous, vertically transmitted and endogenous viruses of mice; some primate and sheep viruses are the type D.

Examples are the mouse mammary tumour virus, enzootic nasal tumour virus (ENTV-1, ENTV-2), and simian retrovirus types 1, 2 and 3 (SRV-1, SRV-2, SRV-3).[1]


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