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William Stoneham is an artist and writer who is notable for painting eBay's 'haunted painting' The Hands Resist Him, which became an Internet meme.

Bill (William) Stoneham was born in 1947, in Boston, Massachusetts. He was given up for adoption at birth, spending his first nine months in a Boston orphanage. His adoptive parents gave him the Stoneham name. In late 2011, Stoneham started a search for his birth parents and soon received a copy of his original birth certificate, which contained their names. As a result, a full sibling and three half-siblings were located and new relationships are developing.

Stoneham is an accomplished artist who has worked in feature film, video game art, and fine art including oil painting, poetry, illustration and writing. His website contains many of his works from over the years. One painting, "The Hands Resist Him", has enjoyed some notoriety since it was auctioned on eBay in 2000. The painting is featured in various books, articles, and other cultural media.

Stoneham lives in Vashon, WA with his wife and is painting surrealist canvases, as well as creating digital illustrations for printed publications.

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