Bleu de Gex

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Bleu de Gex
Bleu de Gex.jpg
Other names Bleu de Haut-Jura, Bleu de Septmoncel
Country of origin France
Region Jura
Source of milk cows
Texture dense and creamy[1]
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Bleu de Gex (also Bleu du Haut-Jura or Bleu de Septmoncel) is a creamy, semi-soft blue cheese made from unpasteurized milk in the Jura region of France.[2]

It is named after the Pays de Gex. During production, Penicillium glaucum mold is introduced and the unwashed curds are loosely packed. It is then aged for at least three weeks.[3] To meet Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée guidelines, it must contain only the milk of Montbéliard cows. It is flavorful for a French blue cheese. Each wheel is stamped with the word "Gex".[4]


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