Bofors 75 mm Model 1934

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Bofors 75mm Model 1934
7.5 cm Mot Geb Kan 33-48, Morges.jpg
Swiss 7.5 cm L/24 mountain gun M1933/48
TypeMountain gun
Place of originSweden
Service history
Used bySee users
WarsWorld War II
Production history
Mass928 kg (2,046 lb)
Barrel length1.8 m (5 ft 11 in) L/24

ShellFixed QF 75 x 212mm R[1]
Shell weight6.59 kg (14.5 lb)
Caliber75 mm (3 in)
BreechHorizontal sliding-wedge
CarriageBox trail
Elevation-4° to +56° (long carriage)
-10° to +50° (short carriage)
Traverse7° 54'
Muzzle velocity455 m/s (1,490 ft/s)
Effective firing range9,300 m (10,200 yd)

The Bofors 75 mm Model 1934 was a mountain gun produced in Sweden by Bofors and sold abroad widely. The Model 1934 was used by Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and China in World War II. Germany bought a small number of guns (12)[citation needed] for evaluation and training before the war and designated them as the 7.5 cm Gebirgshaubitze 34. Belgian guns, known by them as the Canon de 75 mle 1934, captured by Germany were designated as 7.5 cm Gebirgskanone 228(b). The later model 1936 was purchased by Bulgaria.


The Netherlands purchased a pack loadable version for their colonial-army in the Dutch East Indies, a region covered by thick forests and mountains. The pack loadable version could be broken down into eight mule loads or towed by a four horse team, with a further six mules to carry ammunition and other supplies. The Dutch guns were used briefly during the Dutch East Indies campaign in 1941-42.

The model purchase by Belgium was not a pack gun and was equipped for towing by motor transport. The Belgian model had a one-piece box-trail that was hinged to fold upwards to reduce towing length and was equipped with steel disc wheels with rubber tires.[2]


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