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Boomer and Sooner pulling the Sooner Schooner.
Boomer or Sooner, the costumed mascot of the University of Oklahoma.

Boomer and Sooner are two Welsh Ponies who represent the University of Oklahoma as mascots for the University and its sports teams, the Oklahoma Sooners. The ponies pull the Sooner Schooner, a Conestoga wagon across the field when the football team scores. In 2005 citing the need for mascots at all University sporting events along with charity events and visit to children's hospitals the costumed Boomer and Sooner were created to attend these events.

Boomer and Sooner ponies[edit]

The Sooner Schooner and ponies were introduced in 1964 and became the official mascot in 1980. The Sooner Schooner is cared for, maintained and driven by The Ruf/Neks, OU's all-male spirit squad. Mick Cottom, a freshman Ruf/Nek member from Liberty Mounds, Oklahoma, has the distinction of being the first person to pilot the Schooner across Owen Field in 1964. The Sooner Schooner and ponies were kept at the Bartlett Ranch in Sapulpa, Oklahoma till 2011 when the University took over the care for the Schooner and ponies. Charley F. (Buzz) Bartlett and his brother, Dr. M. S. Bartlett, organized the Doc and Buzz foundation in 1964 for the purpose of presenting scholarships to deserving students, but the foundation also supports the OU mascot.

There have been five sets of ponies.

  • Boomer and Sooner I
  • Boomer and Sooner II
  • Boomer and Sooner III
  • Boomer and Sooner IV
  • Boomer and Sooner V
Boomer and Sooner V are two crème white Welsh Ponies who were introduced in 2007 to replace the retiring Boomer and Sooner IV.[1]

Costumed mascots[edit]

Boomer and Sooner are the two costumed mascots of the University of Oklahoma. They represent the two crème white ponies that pull the Sooner Schooner,[2] a Conestoga wagon across Owen Field in a victory ride after every OU score. Boomer is the blue-eyed horse and Sooner is the brown-eyed Horse. Traditionally, Boomer wears crimson jerseys and Sooner wears white jerseys that match the team that they are supporting. Two costumed mascots based on the ponies who pull the Schooner were introduced at the Big Red Rally on August 25, 2005.[3] The mascots are named Boomer and Sooner and are dressed in costumes of two identical crème white ponies with different eye colors. Non-animal mascots were needed to represent the University of Oklahoma at certain athletic contests, charity events and children's hospitals.[3] The mascots replaced the Top Daug mascot at Oklahoma Sooners basketball games. Boomer has competed in Universal Cheer Association National Competition for 4 years, placing 2nd in 2012.

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