Boston mayoral election, 1971

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The Boston mayoral election of 1971 occurred on Tuesday, November 2, 1971 between Mayor Kevin White and United States Representative Louise Day Hicks. This was the second election in a row between White and Hicks. White once again defeated Hicks and was elected to a second term.

The nonpartisan municipal preliminary election was held on September 14, 1971.


Candidates eliminated in primary[edit]


Candidates Primary Election[1] General Election[2]
Votes % Votes %
Kevin White 46,913 32.84 113,137 61.67
Louise Day Hicks 42,293 29.61 70,331 38.33
Joseph F. Timilty 28,389 19.87
Thomas I. Atkins 16,917 11.84
John L. Saltonstall, Jr. 6,943 4.86
John E. Powers 1,392 0.97

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