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Bridal Plasty tv show logo.png
Presented byShanna Moakler
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Executive producer(s)Mark Cronin
Giuliana Rancic
Cris Abrego
Original networkE!
Original releaseNovember 28, 2010 –
January 30, 2011
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Bridalplasty is an American reality television series which premiered on the E! network, on November 28, 2010. The show features 12 women who compete to win a wedding and transformative plastic surgery procedures. The series concluded on January 30, 2011, after one season.


The show followed 12 engaged or already married women competing for the wedding of their dreams and their dream plastic surgery procedure. Each woman had a plastic surgery wishlist, and the winner of each week's wedding-themed challenge would win one plastic surgery procedure from her list.[1]

The winner of the competition received the wedding of her dreams, and had her entire wishlist fulfilled. The husband-to-be did not see his fiancée until she revealed her new look on their wedding day.[2][3] Shanna Moakler hosted, and Dr. Terry Dubrow performed the plastic surgery procedures.[4]

Viewership and reception[edit]

The premise was widely criticized[5] for its embrace of cosmetic surgery and "pushing the limits of medical ethics", as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons prohibits surgeons from performing procedures as the prize for a contest.[3] Jezebel described the show as an "unhealthy" and "dangerous" self-parody of reality TV.[6]

The season premiere was watched by 900,000 viewers; as the season progressed, this sank to 600,000 viewers, a figure described as "dismal".[5]


Name Age Hometown Eliminated
Allyson Donovan 32 Crestwood, Illinois Winner
Jenessa Wainwright 27 Wayne, New Jersey Runner-Up
Dominique Santoro 24 Surfside, Florida Episode 9
Cheyenne Aikens 21 Hamburg, New Jersey Episode 9
Kristen Sciacca 21 Orange County, California Episode 8
Lisa Marie Naegle † 29 San Pedro, California Episode 7
Netty Aranguren 23 Glendale, California Episode 6
Alexandra White 21 Atlanta, Georgia Episode 5
Melissa Hooper 20 Riverside, California Episode 4
Jaimie Farnsworth 23 Canoga Park, California Episode 3
Jessica Slocum 30 Virginia Beach, Virginia Episode 2
Ashley Langford 25 La Palma, California Episode 1

† Indicates that the contestant died after filming ended

Elimination and voting chart[edit]

Below show the list of brides and their statuses in the competition.

# Contestants Episodes
11 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 94 Finale
1 Allyson Alexandra RISK Alexandra Lisa Marie TOP Lisa Marie Kristen TOP Jenessa5 WINNER
2 Jenessa Ashley Lisa Marie Dominique Melissa Kristen Lisa Marie3 Kristen Cheyenne RISK CUT
3 Dominique Alexandra Lisa Marie RISK TOP Netty Lisa Marie TOP Cheyenne CUT Jenessa
4 Cheyenne Alexandra TOP Alexandra Netty Netty Netty Kristen RISK CUT Allyson
5 Kristen Alexandra2 Allyson TOP Lisa Marie RISK Netty RISK CUT Allyson
6 Lisa Marie Ashley RISK Dominique RISK Netty RISK CUT N/A6
7 Netty Alexandra Jessica Alexandra RISK RISK CUT Allyson
8 Alexandra RISK Allyson RISK Netty CUT Allyson
9 Melissa Ashley Lisa Marie Dominique CUT Jenessa
10 Jaimie Alexandra Allyson CUT
11 Jessica Alexandra CUT
12 Ashley CUT
VOTE TO STAY 7-3 3-3-1 3-3-0 2-2-1 3-1-0 3-2 3-0 2-0 1-0 4-26

^1 The first elimination between Alexandra and Ashley was decided by a simple hand raise vote from the other brides. From Episode 2 and on, the voting would be held at the RSVP Ceremony.

^2 Kristen was the first bride to finish the challenge, but did not receive any surgeries on her Wish List as all the brides who completed the challenge received botox.

^3 Jenessa was the top bride in episode six. Since there was a tie between Netty and Lisa Marie, Jenessa had to vote in this episode's ceremony. She ended up voting for Lisa Marie to stay.

^4 Cheyenne, Dominique, and Jenessa competed in a quiz challenge where one of them would automatically be eliminated, which Cheyenne in the end lost.

^5 Since Allyson was the previous Top Bride, she got to make the decision at the RSVP Ceremony of who to compete next to in the finale. Allyson chose Jenessa to compete against her.

^6 Lisa Marie's vote at the Final RSVP Ceremony was not revealed due to Allyson already receiving the number of votes to win.

     The bride who won Bridalplasty.
     The bride was the top bride after finishing the challenge first.
     The bride was safe from elimination, and had to vote to save one of the bottom brides.
     The bride was part of the bottom, and was at risk from being eliminated.
     The bride was cut from the competition after having the fewest votes to stay.
     The bride lost the challenge and was immediately cut from the competition.


No. in
TitleTop bride (prize)Bottom bridesCut
1"Falling to Pieces"Kristen2Alexandra and AshleyAshley
Twelve brides move into a mansion in a battle for plastic surgery procedures as well as a celebrity-style dream wedding.
2"For Better or Worse"Cheyenne (rhinoplasty)Allyson, Jessica, and Lisa MarieJessica
The bride's compatibility with their fiancés is put to the test in an emotional battle for the first plastic surgery procedure.
3"Unveiled"Kristen (breast implants)Alexandra, Dominique, and JaimieJaimie
The ten remaining brides clash in a fight to score the ultimate wedding dress but find out that they have to rely on each other to win this week's surgery.
4"The Finer Choice"Dominique (rhinoplasty)Lisa Marie, Melissa, and NettyMelissa
The girl's tastes for the finer things are put to the test in a challenge of extremes. A lifelong dream comes true for the plastic surgery winner.
5"Sporting of a Sparrow"Allyson (liposuction on her arms and chin)Alexandra, Kristen, and NettyAlexandra
With just eight contestants left, the brides are tested on their bedroom knowledge and find themselves in difficult positions battling for this week's surgery.
6"Flower Power"Jenessa (rhinoplasty)Lisa Marie and NettyNetty
While a challenge to design a piece of their perfect day motivates most of the brides to fight even harder to stay, one bride seems to be falling behind.
7"Mother-in-Lord-Help-Us"Dominique (tooth veneers)Lisa Marie and KristenLisa Marie
Unexpected guests show up to compete with the remaining brides in the challenge that shocks everyone.
8"A Lie Is a Lie Is a Lie"Allyson (tooth veneers)Cheyenne and KristenKristen
Unexpected guests show up and the remaining brides take a lie detector test.
9"Keep Your Friends Close"AllysonDominique and JenessaCheyenne and Dominique
With only four brides left, the stakes have never been higher. In a surprise challenge, one contestant, Cheyenne, is eliminated right on the spot.
10"The Perfect Bride"AllysonTBAJenessa
The first season concludes with the two final brides competing and the winner being revealed. The winning woman is then followed during her final plastic surgeries and wedding preparations.
Bridal panel: Dominique, Cheyenne, Kristen, Lisa Marie, Netty, Alexandra, and Melissa.


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