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The British Caving Association (BCA) is the governing body for caving in the United Kingdom. It is recognised by UK Sport, Sport England and SportScotland.[1] Its predecessor was the National Caving Association.

The membership of the BCA is composed of Constituent Bodies, Regional Councils, Clubs and Individuals.

The Constituent Bodies are:

  • Association of Caving Instructors
  • Association of Scout Caving Teams
  • British Cave Research Association
  • British Cave Rescue Council (BCRC)
  • Cave Diving Group
  • Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs
  • National Association of Mining History Organisations
  • William Pengelly Cave Studies Trust

The Regional Councils are:

  • Cambrian Caving Council
  • Council of Northern Caving Clubs
  • Council of Southern Caving Clubs
  • Derbyshire Caving Association
  • Devon & Cornwall Underground Council

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