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British Judo Association
Sport Judo
Abbreviation BJA
Founded 1948
Affiliation International Judo Federation
Official website
United Kingdom

The British Judo Association (BJA) is the governing body for the Olympic Sport of Judo in the United Kingdom. There are 776.756 members (2015) [1][2][3]

The BJA represents the United Kingdom internationally and is a member of the International Judo Federation, the European Judo Union, the Judo Confederation of the European Union, the British Olympic Association, the Central Council of Physical Recreation, and the Commonwealth Judo Association. It is recognised by the United Kingdom Sports Council, Sport England, Sport Wales, the Sports Council for Northern Ireland, Sport Scotland, and the British Olympic Association.

Board of directors[edit]

The following people make up the current board of directors of the BJA (as of 1 June 2016):[4]

  • Edward Awford
  • Peter Blewett
  • Loretta Cusack
  • Malgorzata Grzyb
  • Andrew Haffner
  • Sara Hayes
  • Frederick Prosser
  • Alan Rickard
  • Ronald Saez
  • William Taggart
  • Ryan Wilkinson


On 24 July 1948 the BJA held its first Management Committee Meeting at the Imperial College Union, at which time the BJA was established as the national body representing Judo in the United Kingdom.[citation needed]


The BJA has three home nation subsidiaries: JudoScotland, the Welsh Judo Association and the Northern Ireland Judo Federation.

In addition to these, two independent membership organisations, the British Judo Council (BJC) and the Amateur Judo Association (AJA) affiliated to the BJA in the late 1990s.

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