Broken Wings (EP)

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Broken Wings
Broken wings front.jpg
EP by Passerby
Released 2003
2002 (Special Edition)
Genre Post-grunge
Christian rock
Length 13:16
Label Independent
Passerby chronology
Broken Wings
Alternative cover
Broken Wings: Special Edition cover
Broken Wings: Special Edition cover

Broken Wings is an EP by Passerby, now called Flyleaf. Broken Wings: Special Edition was released a year prior and does not include the song, Ocean Waves.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Red Sam" 3:38
2. "Broken Wings" 4:00
3. "Breathe Today" 2:55
4. "Ocean Waves" 2:43
Total length: 13:16
Special Edition
No. Title Length
1. "Broken Wings" 3:56
2. "Breathe Today" 2:50
3. "Red Sam" 3:25

Future Appearances[edit]

  • "Breathe Today" and "Red Sam" were later re-recorded and released on their debut album, Flyleaf.
  • "Broken Wings" was finalized in 2012 and appeared on their third album, New Horizons.

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