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Reload Bulgaria

Презареди България
LeaderNikolay Barekov
Founded25 January 2014 as Bulgaria Without Censorship
Preceded byBulgaria Without Censorship
HeadquartersCherni Vrah Blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria
Right-wing populism[1]
Political positionCentre-right (self-declared)[2]
European affiliationAlliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe
European Parliament groupEuropean Conservatives and Reformists[3]
ColoursWhite, Green, Red
National Assembly
0 / 240
European Parliament
1 / 17

Reload Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Презареди България, Prezaredi Balgariya; formerly Bulgaria Uncensored, Bulgarian: България без цензура) is a populist political party in Bulgaria.[4]


The party was created by former TV host Nikolay Barekov in January 2014. It ran for the first time in the May 2014 European Parliament election,[5] taking one seat in the European Parliament as part of a coalition with IMRO and joined the soft eurosceptic group of European Conservatives and Reformists.[6]

This BBT-IMRO coalition did not last, however, and IMRO left to team up with other nationalist parties for the parliamentary elections of October 2014.[7] On 18 August 2014 BBT sealed a coalition agreement with LIDER to run in the upcoming elections.[8]

In June 2014, Barekov declared his support for the restoration of the Bulgarian Monarchy and Simeon II as Tsar of Bulgaria.[9] He vowed that should his party win a general election, he would introduce referenda on a number of issues, including the restoration of the monarchy.[9]

Despite holding 15 seats in the Assembly, Reload Bulgaria chose not to compete in the 2017 parliamentary elections after being initially refused a name change, among other reasons.[10]



European Parliament
Election # of seats won # of total votes % of popular vote rank
1 / 17
238,629 10.66% 4th
Bulgarian National Assembly
Election # of seats won # of total votes % of popular vote rank
15 / 240
186,938 5.69% 6th


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