Bundesautobahn 571

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Bundesautobahn 571
Route information
Length2.4 km (1.5 mi)
Major junctions
North endEhlingen
South endSinzig
Highway system

Bundesautobahn 571 (translates from German as Federal Motorway 571, short form Autobahn 571, abbreviated as BAB 571 or A 571) is an autobahn in Germany.

The A 571 is one of the shortest autobahns in Germany, measuring 2.4 km. The autobahn is located entirely in a rural area east of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. The A 571's southern end is located at the three-way interchange Sinzig with the A 61.

The original plan of the A 571 was to link a much longer A 31, which was to end in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, at the A 61. However, the A 31 was cancelled south of Mülheim an der Ruhr due to community opposition, but not before a few vestiges of the project were left behind. The A 571's northern end is merely a ninety-degree curve back to the west, after which the road becomes a branch of the B 266, which continues into Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler as a grade-separated Kraftfahrstraße (expressway). The other vestiges are the easternmost section of the A 560 and all of the A 573. This was to be the location of a three-way interchange with the cancelled A 31. Construction began in March 2009 on a project to extend the B 266 expressway across Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler and connect the A 571 to the A 573. The current northern terminus of the A 571 will become a three-way interchange with an upgraded B 266, according to current plans. Construction is estimated to finish by 2015.

Exit list[edit]

Kreuz Intersection Bad Bodendorf (planned)
AB-AS-blau.svg (-) Ehlingen Pfeil unten.svg
AB-Brücke.svg Hochstraße 140 m
AB-AS-blau.svg (-) Löhndorf Pfeil oben.svg
AB-Kreuz-blau.svg (-) Sinzig 3-way interchange

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