Burningn'n Tree

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Burningn'n Tree
Squarepusher-Burningn'n Tree.jpg
Compilation album by Squarepusher
Released 10 November 1997
Recorded 1995/1996/1997
Genre Drum and bass, jazz fusion
Length 72:02
Label Warp Records / EMI
WARP53 and SPY 7
Producer Tom Jenkinson
Squarepusher chronology
Big Loada
(1997)Big Loada1997
Burningn'n Tree
Buzz Caner
(1998)Buzz Caner1998
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars[1]

Burningn'n Tree is a compilation album by Squarepusher. It compiles two early EPs, namely Conumber E:P and Alroy Road Tracks, the latter having been released under his other pseudonym Duke of Harringay on his independent label Spymania. Burningn'n Tree also contains three previously unreleased compositions by Squarepusher. The album is a fusion of high speed breaks and jazz. Burningn'n Tree names all songs after their respective track index, but many of the songs were titled when released previously; those titles are parenthesized below.

Track listing[edit]

  1. ("Central Line") – 3:57 (from Alroy Road Tracks)
  2. – 4:08
  3. ("Nux Vomica") – 7:57 (from Alroy Road Tracks)
  4. ("Eviscerate") – 4:33 (from Conumber E:P)
  5. – 3:20
  6. ("Male Pill Part 5") – 8:03 (from Conumber E:P)
  7. ("Sarcacid Part 1") – 5:56 (from Alroy Road Tracks)
  8. ("Conumber") – 11:01 (from Conumber E:P)
  9. – 1:27
  10. ("Eviscerate Version") – 7:12 (truncated version from song on Conumber E:P)
  11. ("Toast For Hardy") – 9:23 (from Alroy Road Tracks)
  12. ("Sarcacid Part 2") – 5:05 (from Alroy Road Tracks)