Bush Island (Nunavut)

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Bush Island
Bush Island is located in Nunavut
Bush Island
Bush Island
Location in Nunavut
Location Hudson Strait
Coordinates 60°29′N 64°43′W / 60.48°N 64.72°W / 60.48; -64.72 (Bush Island)Coordinates: 60°29′N 64°43′W / 60.48°N 64.72°W / 60.48; -64.72 (Bush Island)
Archipelago Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Highest elevation 152 m (499 ft)
Nunavut Nunavut
Region Qikiqtaaluk
Population Uninhabited
Source: Bush Island at the Atlas of Canada

Bush Island is a small, remote island in the Qikiqtaaluk Region of Nunavut, Canada. It is located in Hudson Strait, 9.5 mi (15.3 km) off the north end of Killiniq Island,[1] separared by Port Harvey, a small bay. It measures 2.5 mi (4.0 km) long and 1.2 mi (1.9 km) wide. The elevation is approximately 152 m (499 ft) above sea level.

Perrett Island, Hettash Island, and Flat Island, lie off the west end of Bush Island, separated by Lenz Strait.[2] Two island groups are close by, including the Knight Islands at 13.5 mi (21.7 km) away, and the Cape Chidley Islands at 16.1 mi (25.9 km) away.[1]


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