Baillie-Hamilton Island

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Baillie-Hamilton Island
Baillie-Hamilton Island, Nunavut
Location Northern Canada
Coordinates 75°53′N 94°35′W / 75.883°N 94.583°W / 75.883; -94.583 (Baillie-Hamilton Island)Coordinates: 75°53′N 94°35′W / 75.883°N 94.583°W / 75.883; -94.583 (Baillie-Hamilton Island)
Archipelago Queen Elizabeth Islands
Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Area 290 km2 (110 sq mi)
Length 27 km (16.8 mi)
Width 22 km (13.7 mi)
Territory Nunavut
Population Uninhabited

Baillie-Hamilton Island is one of the Canadian arctic islands in Nunavut, Canada. The island is rectangular in shape, 26 to 12 km (16.2 to 7.5 mi), and has an area of 290 km2 (110 sq mi).

Baillie-Hamilton Island is surrounded by larger islands. Devon Island is to the north and the east, across Wellington Channel. Cornwallis Island is to the south, across Maury Channel. Bathurst Island is to the west, across Queens Channel.[1]


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