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Byrne Dairy
Privately Held
Founded 1933; 85 years ago (1933)
Founder Matthew V. Byrne
Headquarters Syracuse, New York
Number of locations
Revenue Increase $335.3 Million (2014) [2]

Byrne Dairy is a regional dairy company headquartered in Syracuse, New York. It was founded during the Great Depression in 1933, delivering milk bottles to New Yorkers by horse-wagons. The company is privately run and has expanded, distributing across the Upstate New York region, supplying many wholesale and retail locations. The company also has a wholesale distribution center in Massachusetts and operates a chain of convenience store/gas stations in Central New York.[3][4]

Production facilities[edit]

Byrne Dairy currently has four production facilities operating in central New York: a fresh milk plant and ice cream plant in downtown Syracuse, an extended shelf life (ESL) milk and non-dairy plant in East Syracuse, and a yogurt/cultured products facility in Cortlandville. The production side of the business also operates a cold storage warehouse in Syracuse and the distribution centers noted above. ESL products from the Ultra Dairy facility have shipped around the world.[citation needed]


In 1933 Byrne Dairy was founded by Matthew V Byrne, when they began to deliver milk within New York. In 1941 motor trucks slowly began to take over the wagons, and completely by the end of the decade. By the late 1940s war veterans began to return home, contributing significantly to the company, increasing the monthly revenue from approximately $900.00 to $400,000.00. The slogan "Byrne Dairy Milk is Mighty-Fine" began to appear on the packages of their products in 1952 along with the opening of the first Byrne Dairy store. In 1959, Matthew V Byrne died and by 1977, home deliveries ceased. The next year, the company underwent a major expansion, expanding their product line to ice cream, and by 1981 was also churning its own brand of butter. In 1990, Byrne Dairy launched their own plastic milk bottle line and in 2004, they opened their Ultra Dairy plant in Dewitt, New York. Ultra Dairy started as a 40,000 square foot ultra pasteurization facility, but in 2008, Byrne Dairy invested 28 million dollars to more than double Ultra Dairy's production capacity and abilities. Byrne Hollow Farms, the yogurt/cultured products plant, began production in 2014.[citation needed] The Byrne Hollow Farm site (see below) will include an agritourism facility and plant tours with construction planned in 2015/2016, as well as a public amphitheater.[citation needed]

Yogurt and Agritourism center[edit]

In October 2012, Byrne Dairy announced a plan to open a yogurt plant and agritourism center on a 127-acre site in Cortlandville, New York.[5] The announcement marks Byrne Dairy's entry into the expanding central New York Greek yogurt belt, alongside Chobani, Crowley Foods, as well as Fage's presence in Johnstown.[6]


In 1954 the company branched out into retail, opening its first convenience store at Central Square, New York. It now has 59 stores, some with delicatessens or ice cream shops.[7] 44 of the locations are also gas stations.[8]

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