C9 League

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C9 League
Traditional Chinese九校聯盟
Simplified Chinese九校联盟

The C9 League (simplified Chinese: 九校联盟; traditional Chinese: 九校聯盟; pinyin: Jiǔ​xiào Lián​méng​) is an association of nine Chinese universities, which were selected by the Chinese government in 1998.

On May 4, 1998, Project 985 was initiated by the Chinese government in order to advance the higher education system. In the first phase, nine universities were selected and allocated funding for the first period of three years. On October 10, 2009, these nine universities created the C9 League. The universities collectively account for 3% of the country's researchers but receive 10% of national research expenditures, and produce the lion's share of output, generating 20% of the country's journal articles and 30% of total citations.[1]

University Province or Municipality Date Founded
Fudan University Shanghai 1905
Harbin Institute of Technology Heilongjiang 1920
Nanjing University Jiangsu 1902
Peking University Beijing 1898
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai 1896
Tsinghua University Beijing 1911
University of Science and Technology of China Anhui 1958
Xi'an Jiao Tong University Shaanxi 1896
Zhejiang University Zhejiang 1897


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